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Blog Update

After running my blog for a few months, I am pretty happy with how it looks. I really like how my website has a section for my blog separate from the homepage. When I first designed it and picked a template, I was not sure how I would like that feature. Now that I have used it, I think it really works well with my website. I like how it is clear where the blog section is and you can go there specifically to read my content. It leaves room for my homepage to maybe do something in the future to make it more customizable.

I also really like the community on WordPress. With the use of hashtags, I found that many people will comment on my posts that are not associated with this class. Especially my posts that are specifically about yoga. I have gotten really positive feedback from some people and it keeps me motivated to keep up with this website and share more knowledge.

I do want to make my theme a little more colorful and energetic. My theme does not allow me to customize that, but I may look for a new theme that still has similar features to my current one.

Overall, I have really been loving keeping up with my website with our weekly blog posts and hope to continue using this after the class ends.


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