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All the Yoga Websites

There are many yoga websites out on the Internet that are far more popular than mine. Even though they are more popular, we all still pretty much have the same content that fit in with each other. I have found that all yoga websites all love the emphasize the importance of yoga and how it is accessible to anyone. They do this by providing tons of articles on how to get started with yoga, the break downs of many poses, yoga philosophy, and much more about a yoga lifestyle. I did this with my blog as well. While it might get repetitive, it is important to stress this information to people who are on our website to learn more about getting into yoga. We want to stress the fact that yoga isn’t just about poses and theres so much more that you can do with it. You don’t have to do Warrior 2 pose to be a “yogi”. Many people get confused by that. Our websites explain that even if you just practice a kind act each day, you are practicing yoga methods. In one way or another, all of our websites do that in their own way.

My website adds to the conversation because I am a college student. Many yoga blogs are run by older men or women who may discourage younger people to try yoga. I know if I thought yoga was JUST for older adults, I wouldn’t want to try it. Or if an adult was telling me how de-stressing yoga can be, I wouldn’t believe them because how would they know if they aren’t a student themselves? My website offers ways for students, either in high school or college, to try and appreciate the benefits of yoga in our busy school days. I think that makes my website unique, since I am writing from the perspective of my audience.


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