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Super Intelligence?!


Ok, how could this not be my favorite assignment yet? I was a HUGE Powerpuff Girls fan when I was younger. When I first started to get into art, they were the first painting I created! I still have it in my room. Using Powerpuff Yourself was a great experience. I loved going through the process of creating myself as my favorite childhood superheroes. I wanted to go for a Bubbles look for myself and think it came out pretty good. There were so many options to chose from that it actually took me awhile to complete the assignment!

I was pleasantly surprised by the little personality quiz at the end of the creation. I thought I would just download the image and be done. The quiz really lets you be your own Powerpuff girl rather than picking the one you want to be. It even customizes the background of your character to match your personality results. I got “super intelligence” as my super power. Even though I don’t really know what e=mc^2 means, who doesn’t want to be super intelligent? Thanks Powerpuff girls!

I think this website is so fun for people who want to digitally recreate themselves for fun! It was super easy to use and I really enjoyed doing it.


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