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yoga-153436_960_720Source: Pixabay


I chose this image from Creative Commons because it shows some fun yoga poses to try. Since my blog is all about yoga, I think showing yoga poses and explaining their purpose would fit perfect. I know a lot of times people want to try yoga and do not know where to start. This post would be great for a beginner wanting to see what kind of poses they can do. It can also give some creative yogis an idea on what kind of poses to take pictures in (which I always need help with).

Based on the Fair Use checklist and guidelines, it is okay for me to use this image on my website. One reason is that I am using it for a teaching purpose. While I am not physically with someone showing them how to do these poses, I am providing them with an image to help them on their own achieve these poses. I am also not profiting from the use of this image. It is free for anyones viewing on my website to help them enhance their practice. There is also only one copy of this photo on my website. I included the source of the image with a clickable link right under it so people know where I got the image from. The person who produced this image has many other images as well. I just used one image, an appropriate amount to pass the checklist.



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