Memes of Yoga


Source: Know Your Meme

A lot of people tend to shy away from yoga because they have a certain idea of what it is. I know many people who believe yoga is a cult. Or its own religion. Or that it is something that will make you change everything you believe in and make you think a certain way and eat a certain way. And yes, there are people out there like this. There are the yogi’s who follow a certain yoga lifestyle, only eat plant-based foods, and live a pretty free-spirited way. Many of my friends would never try yoga because of this. They did not want to chant after class and feel like they belong to some type of tribe.

These meme exactly describes what I want people to understand from my website and about me. I am someone who loves yoga. I do it every single day and sometimes spend my entire day just doing it, talking about it, learning about it, and taking pictures with my yoga friends in crazy poses. But, I do not treat it like a cult. Or a religion. Or follow any crazy yoga philosophy or guidelines. I know many yogis who are strictly vegans. For me, I practice yoga and follow it up with a giant hamburger and milkshake. I still stress out over school in times where I can’t find my “zen” and I think that is totally okay. Yoga for me isn’t something that I take too seriously. It is something I love to physically do and I hope people who come to my website can see that there is something in yoga for everyone. It doesn’t have to be what someone else thinks it is, it can be whatever you want. I think this meme does a good job of showing that because it is funny and lighthearted while also including food that isn’t what you would typically expect from a “yogi”. It shows how anyone can do yoga no matter what you believe in or how you live your life.

The Know Your Meme website was super easy to use and I found this image quite quickly!


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