Promoting Yoga to College Students


Hey everyone! If you have been loving my blog posts and other content, it would be great if you should promote my blog. One social media tool you could use that would have the greatest benefit to me is Facebook. Facebook has a huge audience of people who I think would be interested in yoga. I know a lot of college students use Facebook to stay connected to friends from high school as well as use it to connect with their fellow colleagues. I feel that my content definitely could attract this audience. College students are always looking for ways to balance school work with being healthy and staying stress free. Yoga is the key to keeping your mind at ease during the stressful times of college as well as keeping you in shape to avoid the Freshman 15. If my articles were shared on Facebook in groups that college students are in, I think it could bring a lot of success to my blog. Also, Facebook is very simple when it comes to sharing posts. This allows the posts that go on Facebook to become viral faster than other social media. With my blog being shared onto other peoples pages, it’ll give me a larger audience to come back to my blog. People with any interest in yoga will see the post and come to my website to learn more.


2 thoughts on “Promoting Yoga to College Students

  1. Using Facebook is great for promoting something like yoga because if there are yoga classes in the area and you want to promote it and encourage people to go with you, you can invite them to a group with a specific date and time and location so that you can all enjoy it together!


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