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Screencasting Experience

The website I reviewed it MindBodyGreen.

This has been my favorite assignment so far. It was very simple to do and I enjoyed being able to give a tour to a website I really like. Since I was reviewing it, I was able to see it in a different light and appreciate the design aspects of it. This definitely made me want to change my own blog to make it similar to this layout.

Downloading Jing was super easy and it was very user friendly. Everything had a clear function and was easy to navigate. It took about 30 seconds to upload to the screencast website and then sharing the link was a simple copy and paste.

The only thing I did not like, which I am sure is true for everyone, was having to listen to my voice. There were times were I might have said the wrong thing, got distracted by a pop up, or stumbled over my words. Since a lot of this happened at the 4 minute mark of my screencast, I did not want to stop and rerecord. I had already done a few shots of it and felt that everything I said in the beginning was good and I might not have remembered it all if I restarted. I would like to further use Jing to see if there is an editing section for the video so I could cut out some of my mistakes.

The video quality was really good and I like how it showed the mouse. I used the mouse as a pointer and didn’t think it would show on the video but it did. I also like how clear the sound came out. It felt so awesome to rewatch the video and see how I actually navigated the website and what my commentary was.

I think these skills can come in handy if you need to record a Powerpoint with a voiceover and upload it as a video. It also is handy for people who do Application tutorials for Garageband, iMovie, and other programs that might be confusing. People who do tutorials or play video games would benefit from using Jing. It would be interesting to see a short film created from just a screencast.

This is definitely something I would like to do in the future and can see myself using it again. I had a fun time creating this screencast! I hope you all enjoy.

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3 thoughts on “Screencasting Experience

  1. Yes! I actually try to avoid rewatch my screencast, but I have to check out whether there’s something going wrong. I like how you gave direction by saying something like “back to the header”. It’s easy to keep track, which is great! You really have given an informative tour!


  2. Your sound came out a lot better than mine did! I really liked your screencast and the website that you chose. You spoke very clearly and I don’t feel like you really left anything out. Good job!


  3. I really like the layout of this website, it’s super minimalist, yet informative and well-organized. Your screencast came out really nice, you spoke well and sounded super comfortable with talking about the content!


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