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Working with Garageband

At first, I found creating this commercial super challenging. I had an idea of what I wanted it to sound like, and I wanted it to be dramatic, but that’s not what I ended up getting.

Recording the audio was super easy as well as adding the audio files. I had no problem cropping them to the spot where I wanted them and layering them to all flow in the order I wanted. What got me confused was cross fading the audio tracks. I had to search a YouTube video in order to understand it and accomplish it. While I don’t think I did the best at it, I think it came out pretty good for fading into each other. I made my one audio go down while the other audio started and the volume went up. It was tricky, but eventually doable.

I made the audio track a more calm one for when I started talking. I also made the volume low so you would be able to hear what I was saying. Once I stopped talking, I brought the volume back up for a short time and then faded it out. One thing that I struggled with was getting the fade out right. I kept just fading the volume rather than fading the master track so it would slowly go out. When I faded just the volume on one track, everything else still stayed the same.

For my content, I just read the About section on my blog. I felt that this captured what my blog is all about the best and did not want to change it. Uploading my commercial to Soundcloud was super simple. There was an export button that led right to SoundCloud on my GarageBand and it took 30 seconds. I really ended up enjoying using GarageBand and can see myself using it in the future. I am glad I now have another tool under my belt to use. Even though I don’t love my commercial, I feel that I can do it a lot better next time.


3 thoughts on “Working with Garageband

  1. I really liked the way you first introduced your blog and then added the music. I think the tune you used was very good and really made a great intro. Your commercial is very good and I can’t think of any ways I would suggest to make it better. Good job!


  2. I like the songs you chose! Definitely feel good music that fits with the yoga theme. I struggled with cross fading the music too. To integrate them, I realized you could edit the fading for each song not just the entire new piece which helped me overlay the sounds.


  3. Wow yours was amazing! I loved the music in the background and how you said welcome and let the music play for a bit! It gave a great vibe and it was very relaxing yet exciting. Perfect for a Yoga Blog!


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