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Creating the Header

Overall, I had a good experience using Pixlr to create my header. I really enjoyed being creative and getting the chance to work with a program that I had not previously used. I feel like this is a really good free alternative to Photoshop and has a lot of similar features. It was easy to navigate and I was able to figure out a lot of the features on my own without looking it up.

The one thing that I struggled with was the layering aspect of designing the header. There were a lot of times I could not access some of the features because I had to merge the layers, but I was also still working within the layer. For example, when I added the text to my header, I thought I would be able to add the square behind it and then send the text forward in front of the square. But in order to add the square I needed to merge the two layers together and then I could not move the text again. I just ended up putting the square first, merging the layers, and then adding the text on top. It took a lot of trial and error. I had to also look up how to merge the layers, which was just a simple YouTube tutorial.

One thing that came naturally was adding the photos and creating the size of the header. I remembered how to do this from a class I took about Photoshop. Since this program was similar, adding pictures and customizing sizes was pretty much the same. I also found it easy to create the layout of my header.

I really am interested in studying User Experience Design and feel that this software could help me create mockups of what an application should look like. While thats not something I will be doing everyday as of now, it will be daily in my future. I am glad I am familiar with this software and look forward to using it again.


2 thoughts on “Creating the Header

  1. I specifically love the shape of the celestial yogi it looks so awesome!! I think you did a wonderful job editing all of the pieces together into the header and it looks as though you are a pro with pixels. I definitely agree that using pixlr was both straight forward but also confusing so you did a great job navigating!


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