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Though I have set up many blogs/websites in the past, I found that WordPress was extremely difficult and limited. I am someone who liked to completely customize a website and get creative with it, other than just changing the font and color. WordPress limits you a great deal in order for you to buy their premium package. This being said, I am glad I am learning how to navigate WordPress to add as another skill under my belt.

The biggest issue I had was something so simple. I kept trying to customize my theme and add photos and it wasn’t allowing me to do so. I realized that it was because I did not activate my website when I registered for WordPress in my email. I had to click the activation link in order to see any changes in my layout. It took my awhile to figure that out and made me a frustrated ITI student, as it was such a simple fix.

I borrowed this image from a WordPress theme blog! It definitely shows how I was feeling


Source: Elegant Themes

Now that my blog is created, I look forward to adding onto it in our next assignments. I want to make it more aesthetically pleasing and add more to it. For now, I am happy and feel that I learned a lot from the initial set up. I am excited to start sharing my knowledge of yoga with you all!

I found this picture from a website about Happy Bloggers!

Source: Happy Blogger Plaza



5 thoughts on “Blog Set Up

  1. If you want a customizable WordPress you need to host your own WordPress. has instructions on how to do that. If you get a blog from you are very limited.


  2. Hi! I really like the look of your blog. I think you did a great job making a nice, as Dunn calls it, “Front Door.” He stresses the importance of branding and I think you nicely incorporated your brand especially with your own pictures and personal story. My only critique is that I wish your blog posts could be seen (or at least a preview of the posts) on the front page. Also, since you mentioned your Instagram page, I think it would be cool if you put a link to it (unless there is one and I just missed it).


  3. I like the style of your blog. I think it’s very simple and goes well with your yoga theme. I have the same annoyances with WordPress. I’m kind of happy that someone else mentioned it. One critique I would give is to change up the text color. There’s a lot of black and white and it’s a lot of contrast which can strain the eye, I think breaking it up would be better. It doesn’t even have to be a crazy color, it could just be grey.


  4. Hi Alex! I really like the concept of your blog. You’ve definitely created a good foundation with a clean theme and a distinct brand with your header. Maybe you could add a picture to the homepage though to make it more exciting!


  5. I really like the “foundation” of your blog. It is very simple but visually appealing. I also think it goes well with your yoga theme; especially the picture you have in the front! This makes the blog have a very goo “front door.” For a suggestion, I think maybe you can add some pictures or more text to your home page. That might fill up the blank spaces a little more.


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